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Shannon Board Games
Bespoke board games from Shannon Games

In addition to our standard range of board games, we create and manufacture board games to order.
Our games are created by Shannon Games and manufactured entirely in the UK.

Bespoke games as corporate gifts

Our bespoke board games make unusual and highly successful corporate gifts. If your business is looking to offer clients a corporate gift that really makes an impact, a specially commissioned board game from Shannon Games is guaranteed to do just that, with the added bonus of the enjoyment for all players. Games can use corporate graphics and styles and be built around specified themes and goals. You tell us what you want and we will deliver!

Bespoke games for Education, Training, Marketing and Social


At Shannon Games we design unique games for any purpose! Our bespoke games ( indoor, outdoor and role-play ) could be for staff or management training, primary, secondary or adult education. We also design games for tourist attractions, museums and visitor centres. We do create games to be used as instruments, designed in partnership and in collaboration with experts in each field, to tackle serious issues including: racism; bullying; poverty; drug and alcohol abuse and social integration.

We offer bespoke board game design

Some of our bespoke clients include:

Aegis Media, Crimestoppers, Storlann, Loch Ness 2000, Morgan Car Company, Scottish Natural Heritage, Imperial War Museum, Rangers FC, AIDS In MALAWI, Highland Council

Our bespoke games fall into two categories. Adaptations, or branding, of our existing games to reflect corporate goals and themes. Shannon Games are an environmental friendly company. Our board games are manufactured from recycled materials and our low Carbon Footprint is achieved by UK manufacture - no fuel guzzling container ships required and no polluting, overseas, factories involved. We are proud to be a British Manufacturer!

Alternatively, bespoke games can be an entirely new creation, designed from start to finish according to the clients requirements. One example is Morgan - The Race Is On! designed for the Morgan Car Company . See other examples to the right of this text.

If you are interested in receiving a quote on your own bespoke design project, you can simply use our contact form or email us at

Many of our clients have a concept for their game but dont know how to proceed to manufacture. At Shannon Games we can assist you with completing your design to a very high standard and manufacture in whatever quantities you want.

Some of our clients have absolutely no idea of how there game will look or play - but they have a need for a new way to address staff training or marketing or to get that all important message accross to their clients. We can create a game for any purpose. Using our in-house specialist team of graphic designers and artists we are confident in our ability to deliver a unique product every time to meet your needs.

We dont just work with large companies and in fact we help individuals reach their goal of launching their board game and we offer advice on exhibiting and marketing when asked. Who knows your board game could be the next monopoly!

We offer bespoke UK manufacture

Shannon Games pride ourselves in our ability to deliver UK manufactured games of the highest quality on time every time. None of this 3 months at sea with ship handling charges and huge warehousing costs. No need to order more games than you actually require just to fill the requirements of overseas manufacturing. We will only supply what you require. We also manufacture full colour printed floor mats, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in any size and any quantity.

A board game is a way of communicating. The natural interaction between players and participating in the playing of a game is one of the most enjoyable pastimes you can experience. Board games have been used for social and recreational purposes for many hundreds of years and we believe that they have also been used for training and strategy over these years.

We will work in partnership with any client to design a suitable game for their purpose. We believe that board games can be used to tackle social issues such as racism, bullying, sectarianism and we believe that children's and adults communication skills can be improved through the playing of a well constructed game.

Shannon Games are proud to say that our motto is

Education through games



Training game

Training game - Designed for marketing company.



Fostering Game Educational game designed for client
Medical Board Game Training Game
Playing For Life Educational game designed for client
Tracy Headball Educational game designed for client
Alice Sheffield Designed for client
Driving Designed for client
Driving Test Designed for client
Essex Designed for client
Newport Banner Banner for client
designed for client Designed for client
designed for client Designed for client
designed for client Client game
designed for client Client game

Please click here to view more bespoke design

Examples of bespoke games
Scamp! "Scamp!" Designed for fund raising purposes for the organization "Guide Dogs for the Blind"
Who Noze - The Blue Nose (Glasgow Rangers FC Edition) "Who Noze?" - This guessing game was designed for a premier league football club. However it was designed to be adapted to suit any sporting club or any girly or boy subject.
Castle Escape "Castle Escape" - This fantastic game designed for historical venues throughout the UK and was based on one of the most famous castles in the British isles.
Nessie, An Aquatic Adventure! "Nessie - An Aquatic Adventure" designed for the Loch Ness 2000 Exhibit.
The Falkirk Wheel "The Falkirk Wheel" - One example of a bespoke game for a unique world famous tourist attraction!
Malawi AIDS awareness game for children "Malawi" AIDS and sexual health awareness for Malawian children.
Criemstoppers anti crime game "Crimestoppers" - Promoting the independant anti - crime charity.
Educational game designed for company

"Educational" game - Designed for training purposes.


Traffic safety Pre-school floormat game
Snakes and laddersPre - school floormat game
Educational board game designed for client

Colours and numbers Pre - school floormat game


Marketing game designed for client
Educational game designed for client
London Midland Designed for client
Ouji Designed for client
Speaking Up Designed for client
Steps and Hazards Designed for client
designed for client Designed for client
designed for client Game for client
designed for client Game for client
designed for client Game for client
designed for client Game for client
designed for client Game for client
designed for client Game for client
designed for client Client game
designed for client Client game

Shannon Games, bespoke board game design, designed and manufactured in the UK

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