Augmented Reality, a blend of real world and Virtual Reality (VR) where the user can use their smartphone camera with or (without a VR headset) to view real life scenarios but with virtual reality additions is fast becoming the latest silicon valley hot commodity.

It’s uses seem endless and span the gamut having applications in everything from gaming to real world design. Say for example you have an interior design firm that has a AR app that allows customers to view a space with certain pieces of furniture; or show them how certain wallpaper or paint will look in a specific space all without having to lift a finger. Sounds unbelievable right? but it is fast becoming the in-thing and is only gaining popularity as the months and years roll on.

Likewise, It can breathe new life into traditional board games by marrying old school ideas with new age technology. Imagine being able to play chess with your friend on a AR app but in separate places, it gives that authentic feeling of having to use your hands to move pieces but with a high tech twist. With practically everyone owning a smartphone the scope for this type of gaming activity is massive and will surely become a mainstay for the foreseeable future until the next paradigm shift. Check out below what a developer was able to create based on his love of vintage video game Street Fighter. Note that this app is not even an officially developed one by Capcom. Here’s hoping videos like this will show large game companies the potential for reaching new audiences.

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