Corporate Team Building

The Vikings used board games for amusement and to train warriors in tactics and combat, the Roman’s used games in a similar way. Board games have been used as an effective training tool for many thousands of years. Why should things be different now?

When it’s a game you have to concentrate, and you learn through the process of game play.

We ask; how many times have you attended a seminar or a course, or a training session, and witnessed the all to frequent scene whereby those at the front, and nearest the trainer, display the keenest attention to what’s going on and they are most likely to engage with the trainer in the way that was intended. But what about the rest of us, the vast majority in some cases; we are looking at our watches, yawning, bored, and thinking about what else we should be doing – or wondering what’s for lunch – and we get away with it.

We also don’t learn nearly as much as we should from the session.

What about a new way of training.

Shannon Games say put a well-constructed, relevant, and informative bespoke board game; designed around the client’s needs and requirements, in front of your group and break into teams, groups or play as individuals and the players realise that they have to learn the rules, they need to watch the progress of the game, so that when it’s their turn it’s their turn – there is no hiding place!

If the game is interesting enough and covers the subject matter then players will play with enthusiasm. It is vital that a game must first and foremost play well as a game, players will enjoy the experience and they will learn from it. Shannon Games often use multiple sets of cards as part of the game mechanism which allows content and relevant facts and information pertaining to whatever the training subject is. We believe that there is a process of almost subliminal learning of facts and information to be gained from playing a training board game, as the information and fine details recorded in the various parts of the game are absorbed by players during the playing of the game.

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