Educational Games

We say what better way to educate than by using a board game. Games are played and enjoyed, by most, at some point in their lives and it is generally a pleasurable experience for most. A well-constructed board game can be used in a number of ways; to encourage communication within different groups; differing age, gender, abilities, social standing and so on, it’s also a fun way to learn using a tried and trusted method. Playing a game can impart knowledge and learning through the method of game play.

Shannon Games use both the visuals and text on the board itself and assorted cards to bring the best out of a game. The game board will be designed around the client’s needs with appropriate text, bespoke artwork and colours giving a visually stimulating custom made game. The card sets can be created with unique designs and artwork with game text; questions / answers, images, information etc) included, and all the artwork will be custom designed to be appropriate for use in the environment intended.

We believe that the digital and on-line game play is important but we also believe that you can get so much more from a board game. The interaction between players, the mischief, fun and laughter that playing a board game can bring cannot easily be achieved with the electronic version, which can be quite insular. Developing communication skills, social skills and breaking down barriers – this can all be achieved using a board game as a tool.

Shannon Games say that there is no subject, however dire, however challenging, that cannot use a board game in some way.

You bring the challenge – and we will rise to it!

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